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Hotel a Lincoln

With roots stretching back to Roman times, Lincoln is an East Midlands city with a foot firmly in both the past and present. Lincoln is a haven for business and leisure tourists, with the city's historic architecture a huge draw for visitors.

A holiday in the city can afford you the time to explore the attractions of the entire region, with Premier Inn's hotels in Lincoln and the surrounding areas the perfect place to start your adventure.

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Lincoln (Canwick)
Lincoln Road, Canwick Hill, Lincoln, LN4 2RF, Regno Unito

Tel: 0871 527 8604 *

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Things to do in Lincoln

The city's rich and dramatic history has endowed Lincoln with some of the Midlands finest historical attractions that entice thousands every year. To make the most of all of these intriguing landmarks, Premier Inn offers one of the most conveniently located Lincoln hotels.

The city's most famous attraction is Lincoln Cathedral, which dates from the 11th century and was the tallest building in the world for almost 250 years when it was first constructed.

The Steep Hill is a hugely popular tourist street in the historic part of the city which gives visitors a taste of some of Lincoln's oldest businesses and ancient buildings.

Staying at one of Premier Inn's hotels in Lincoln also allows guests to immerse themselves in the rich artistic world of the city. The Collection is an innovative joint museum and gallery that includes famous work by artists ranging from Joseph Turner to Lowry.

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Book online to find the right Lincoln hotel for you. No matter what your needs when visiting this spectacular East Midlands city, Premier Inn can provide you with the ideal home away from home. Guarda le nostre tariffe Premier Saver per scoprire le promozioni.

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